What Makes Betta Fish Special? Everything You’ve Wanted to Know

Bettas are one of the most popular species of fish sold and if you are interested in retaining one, you have to have a few Betta fish data. Let’s make clean what length tanks ought to Betta fish have, whether you could preserve Betta fish with different fish, what are the high-quality Betta fish tank buddies, and what kind of do Betta fish value.

Male Bettas are fish with lengthy colorful colored fins and tails. What the majority aren’t privy to, however, is that there are exclusive kinds of betas, with a whole lot of distinctive tail shapes: Veiltail, Crowntail, Combtail, Fantail, Halfsun, Rosetail and more. Both sexes will flare and sing his own praises their gills to appearance more astonishing, but the male generally stands out, because the girls are pretty drab in contrast.

What length do tanks need to lovely Betta fish have?We see Bettas at pet shops, sold in tiny bins all by using themselves. Unfortunately, the way they sell them is as fish that may live in only some oz. Of water, which is very, very far from the truth. All those “Betta fishbowls” which are sold in pet stores and online venues are absolutely inappropriate and merciless to the fish. Some of them even put it up for sale water modifications once a month and say Bettas can move without food for days. NOT genuine.

I would love to say that Bettas are fish too, and they must now not be taken into consideration decorations. Most of the time, Bettas may be bought for children to have a pet, however children should also gain knowledge of to care for them and to recognize what their Bettas actually need.

The so-referred to as “Japanese Fighting Fish” actually need as a minimum one gallon of water to live, but the great would be a tank of three gallons or extra to offer your Betta a long and healthful existence. Although it’s miles stated that they live in tiny puddles within the Japanese rice paddies, the fact is they stay inside the shallow waters of rice paddies, but they have plenty of areas to swim and pass around. They can live to tell the tale in smaller tanks, as long as they have enough space to transport, turn round, and the water is modified every few days, however as I said, I keep in mind this a cruel practice. So, bottom line, Bettas need an actual aquarium, and no longer just a bowl. One advantage they have got, however, is they don’t need a complicated filter installation, an air powered sponge to filter out will do well and will decrease the want for more common water changes. The temperature of the water ought to be between seventy-five and 85 tiers Fahrenheit so that you would possibly need a heater to keep the temperature constant.

Keep in mind they need a correct water floor to get their oxygen. They will come to the surface to respire, and that they want to have properly oxygen awareness of their water as properly. I might advocate the tanks to be blanketed due to the fact Betta fish generally tend to leap out, however, ensure there may be sufficient space among the lid and the floor of the water, and manifestly, that sufficient air can are available in.


They must be fed a numerous food regimen, that can consist of Betta pellets containing mashed shrimp, wheat flour, fish meal, brine shrimp, bloodworms, and nutrients, however, they ought to also be served stay or frozen bloodworms, mosquito larvae, brine shrimp or daphnia. The more numerous their food plan, the more healthy, more colorful and exquisite they will be. Bettas need to be fed every day, eliminating all the uneaten meals from the tank once they’re completed consuming.

Betta Fish Tank Mates

One of the maximum requested questions is what happens if you positioned Betta fish with other fish. Contrary to famous belief, there are some suitable Betta fish tank pals.

Normally, they will actually have troubles with woman Betta fish. They can be kept collectively for some time for breeding, however, the girl must then be taken out of the tank. Never house two or more male Bettas together. They are known as Fighting Fish for a cause.

Female Bettas have to be kept in corporations of three or more, on the grounds that women also are territorial and might want to establish dominance over another, so bizarre numbers are usually better.

Male Bettas can be housed with fish that have similar tropical temperature and water satisfactory requirements. Bettas would possibly bother and nip at other fish which can be colorful or have long, flowing fins, like Fancy Guppies or Mollies.

Don’t residence them with different aggressive fish. Gouramies do not make true tank buddies for Bettas both. These are fish that also breathe from the surface of the water and which can lead them to compete in the direction of Bettas and vice versa.

Goldfish, being cold water fish, should never be housed with Bettas, tropical freshwater fish. Bettas will also nip on the Goldfish and this could honestly damage your Goldies.

Some of the fish you may recollect as your Betta fish tank buddies could be small species of catfish, like Corydoras and other backside feeders. Bettas have fared nicely in the organization of small Neon Tetras and Platys. Shrimp and snails could also be a true corporation.

The truth is that Bettas will fight with anything you install their tank so you can attempt to see what occurs with your specific fish, however, maintain a near eye on them.

How much do Betta fish value?

Pet keep Betta fish can price anything from $1 to $10, however you could locate Betta fish that value hundreds of bucks. You can locate beautiful specimens for the decrease charge, but some serious fish keepers will do something to find some of the rarest and amazingly stunning Betta species.